Iíve added a few movies of the site here. They are directly streamed from YouTube so should be fast to view.

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The first file provides an overview of the site showing the extent of the remains, size of the wreck and state of preservation of the wooden artifacts. It also shows just how muddy the area was which caused some problems during the survey.


The second movie shows the tide falling from the banks of the Hamble to reveal the wreck of the Norseman.

How Was It Done?

TechnicalThe time lapse movie was created from a series of stillís taken with an old digital camera modified to take a picture once a minute. The resultant pictures were stitched together with a piece of free software called ďPhotolapse 3Ē. Titles and music were added with a low cost movie maker called Magix Video Deluxe SE. The picture, left, shows the tripod, camera and timer left for 6 hours in the long grass on the riverside so that the original stills could be captured.


Photo by Paul Williams

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