Nautical Archaeology Society The NAS provides support and training courses for amateur and avocational archaeologists second to none. I would whole heartedly recommend joining this society if you have any interest in maritime archaeology.

Adopt-A-Wreck (NAS) The NAS currently have a scheme whereby groups and individuals can adopt a wreck and provide regular reports of it’s condition and any new information gained about it. If you have a favorite dive or shore site you visit regularly why not adopt it?

3H Consulting - Site Recorder SE Program, free software to help recording foreshore and underwater archaeological sites. Also has an excellent range of technical guides and tips to download.

Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology Professional group concerned with the maritime history of the Isle of Wight and Hampshire. Lots of information about the Hamble river with informative articles on how they are developing new techniques for archaeological research.

Geocaching - a fun activity for all the family utilizing a hand held GPS (Global Positioning by Satellite) to find “treasure”.

Warsash Local History Society The web page for the Warsash local history society, primarily concerned with local terrestrial sites but the folks there have a tremendous collective knowledge of the area and were extremely helpful during my investigations.

Friends of Purton. An impressive web site dedicated to a foreshore location where a small fleet of semi-redundant timber lighters were deliberately beached in the winter of 1909, to strengthen an eroding canal bank. Purton Ships' Graveyard now number some 81 vessels and in turn represent the largest collection of maritime artifacts on the foreshore of mainland Britain today.


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