I would like to extend my thanks to the following people for their help during the execution of this project:-

  • Dr. Douglas McElvogue, Paul.Donohue and members of the Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology for all their help in selecting the site and providing survey equipment.
  • Sarah Ward and Ian Barefoot from the Nautical Archaeology Society for their encouragement and training.
  • Bryan Woodford and members of the Warsash Historical Society for their endless support and local contacts.
  • Jacques Taglang and Francois Chevalier for allowing me to reproduce their line drawing of the Norseman
  • Nannette Poillon and Claas van der Linde for providing images of the Norseman and an extended history of the shipyard C & R Poillon.
  • Ray Sedgewick for providing a critical piece of information that allowed final conformation of the wrecks identity.
  • David Belfield for helping to survey the site.
  • Eddie Gillett for relating the story of the final fire aboard the Norseman.
  • Paul Williams for helping with the photo’s and movies (a star is born)?

Finally to my wife for her support during the many days of mud scampering, library research and proof reading!

Thank you all!

(This site, Norseman15, was produced by Keith Clark and last updated on 28/06/11).

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