The Norseman Project



The seashore, estuaries and rivers of Britain contain an often overlooked maritime resource namely the hulks and wrecks scattering itís banks. These old ships, barges, ports, docks and wharfs can add to our knowledge of the people who carried out trade in these areas, their culture and technology.

The Norseman Project was a simple study of one small collection of rotting timbers on the banks of the River Hamble in the UK. Initially thought to have been a simple working coaster, little was known of the true identity of these sad remains but as research progressed a Bow1_smallfascinating story unfolded with connections to vast wealth on the far side of the Atlantic!

This site describes the activities that took place and presents the results of a survey and the research undertaken. Itís hoped that this will encourage other individuals or small community groups to undertake their own studies and share their results to enhance our understanding of the past and local history.

If you have time take a look at the movies which give an overview of the site and show the tide receding, allowing the full brunt of the weather to attack the remaining timbers.

During the course of this work a vast number of people have contributed time, effort, knowledge and good will, without their help this project would not have succeeded, my thanks are extended to them all. 

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